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Instructional Videos

Click on the links below to see an instructional video. 


Power Up Setting and Battery Level Indication 

The Long Range Arms Send iT level displays both the sensitivity and Battery level upon power up.

  • Turn the knob to power up the Send iT level.
  • Lights will blink for 2 seconds indicating which sensitivity setting is currently selected.
  • Lights will turn solid for 2 seconds displaying the remaining Battery power.

The battery indicator is full when all 5 LEDs are illuminated.  Low battery is indicated when only the Red LEDs are illuminated.


Zero Mode

The Long Range Arms Send iT level allows the user to set the electronic level if the user prefers a slight scope cant or when mounted on a forward or side rail that may not be perfectly square or parallel to the scope. Zeroing can be set for all 90 degree positions (horizontal, vertical (like a stop light), left or right). We recommend mounting as close to 90 degrees as possible for the most accurate readings when shooting up and down hill. Each unit is pre-programmed with the zero calibration near perfect level.  You can accurately set your scope by using the Send iT level while aligning the vertical cross hair with a plumb bob. The zero mode can be reset to factory settings.


Selecting Sensitivity Setting

How to select the sensitivity setting on the Long Range Arms Send iT Level.

  • Setting 1 - 1 degree
  • Setting 2 - .8 degree
  • Setting 3 - .6 degree
  • Setting 4 - .4 degree
  • Setting 5 - .2 degree - "most sensitive"

The Green light (center) will be Green if you are within .2 degree of perfect level.  As soon as one Blue or Red light illuminates, you are beyond .2 degrees.  When both Blue or Red lights are Illuminated you are beyond .4 degrees


Sleep Mode

The Long Range Arms Send iT level has built-in battery-saving sleep mode. If your platform sits perfectly still for 10 minutes, it will go into sleep mode. The 10 minute count down restarts every time it senses movement.  It will not sleep if it senses movement, including vibration. The battery will last approximately 4 days in sleep mode if it is not interrupted. To wake, simply tap on the Send iT level or on the stock of your firearm and it is instantly back in operation mode and ready to go.  

NOTE: The 10 minute count down restarts every time it senses movement.  It will not enter the sleep if the unit senses any movement.